Utility Token Buy $ICONS Whitepaper

$ICONS Utility Token

$ICONS will help us with our mission of creating an extraordinary community by connecting fans with the greatest sportspeople and sports IP of all time.


$ICONS will have several uses, and its use cases will grow over time. With $ICONS, you’ll be able to:

  • Buy NFT’s for a discount on the SportsIcon website
  • Queue jump for $ICONS holders
  • Vote on proposals
  • Buy athletes creator coins
  • Participate in a liquidity pool
  • Access exclusive Telegram groups through our community membership program
  • Pay for items in our Sports Metaverse
  • Access exclusive content
  • Take part in SportsIcon ecosystem governance by voting on proposals with ICONS
  • And much more to come!

Frequently asked questions

What type of token $ICONS is?

$ICONS is an ERC-20 token. We have ported it to BSC already and Flow will follow soon.

Where can I find whitepaper and tokenomics?

You can find our whitepaper here.

Where can I buy $ICONS?

You can buy $ICONS on Gate.io, PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

Can I stake $ICONS?

You can stake $ICONS using our PancakeSwap LP Farm on TokensFarm.

Read more about staking $ICONS.

Will there be an airdrop for early community members?

Yes we have set aside 10% of all $ICONS for early community members. You’ll get $ICONS based on your marketplace volume (how many NFTs you have bought and sold on sportsicon.com), if you are a SportsIcon Lion Club member and for being a positive force in our community.