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Discover how you can be part of your favorite clubs' success and future through our innovative digital platform.

How it works for clubs and teams

1.Define offer

Club decides the offering

Future revenues

Invest in a share of the club's future income streams, such as ticket sales, merchandise, and broadcasting rights.


Support the club through bonds, earning interest over time with a secured repayment plan.

Non-voting equity

Own a stake in the club without the complexity of voting rights, enjoying financial benefits from the club's growth.

Structuring the offer

Set the value of each share or bond.
Determine the total amount to be raised.
Outline the returns and benefits for investors.
Ensure regulatory compliance for a transparent and secure investment.

2.Fractionalize offer

Digital tokens

The defined offer is divided into smaller shares.
Each share is represented on our platform by a digital token.
This allows fans and investors to easily purchase and trade shares, supporting their favorite clubs in a modern, accessible way.

Why choose SportsIcon Clubs?

Simple and secure

Transactions are seamless and digital. The process is transparent and compliant with financial regulations.

Empowering fans

Become a part of your favorite club's journey. Enjoy financial returns and exclusive benefits.

Innovative investment

Diversify your portfolio with unique sports investments. Use blockchain technology for secure ownership.

SportsIcon Clubs

Join the future of club investment today

For clubs

Raise funds efficiently.

Engage with your fanbase in a new, meaningful way.

Secure financial support for growth and success.

For investors

Invest in what you love.

Gain financial rewards from your passion.

Be part of a community-driven initiative.

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