The Company

Athlete curated insights into pivotal moments of their journey through immersive, artistic, inspirational NFTs, unlockable content and community.

Creating the world’s leading platform for sports entertainment, knowledge transfer and digital collectibles.

Through lovingly filmed insights with athletes who also curate their own bespoke digital art collection, SportsIcon is building the ultimate platform for fans to get closer to their sporting heroes.


Our platform provides a high quality, cinematically filmed chapters with Icons, packaged as NFTs, where fans can learn insights, knowledge and, untold stories from an Iconic life and career. Supplementing these insights, fans can own an expression of a career through rare, beautiful, athlete curated digital art.


To assist the expression of athletes through immersive NFT videos and art, moments of their life and career that made them the Icons they became, and to empower fans to be closer to their heroes by owning moments from an Iconic career.

Our Team

Chris Worsey

Chris Worsey

  • Two tech businesses and
 two exits
  • On Deck fellow
Alexi Yovanoff

Alexi Yovanoff

  • FIFA Match Agent
  • Global Network
  • M.Sc. Neuroscience, UCL
Riku Sarkinen

Riku Sarkinen

  • Lead Developer
  • Full-Stack Software Engineer
Barry O'Driscoll

Barry O’Driscoll

  • Marketing Manager
  • Lion Club CM
  • Crypto & NFT enthusiast


Roham Gharegozlou

Founder of Dapperlabs,
NBA Top Shot and FLOW

Andrew Masanto

Co-founder Hedera Hashgraph

Mike Edwards

Founder ARGO Blockchain

Chad Hurley

Founder of Youtube

Sundeep Madra

Vice-president Ford-X


Tech Investor

Andrew Bogut

NBA Champion with Golden State Warriors

Serik Kaldykulov

Elefund Managing Partner

Nihal Mehta

Founding Partner Eniac Group

OnDeck Runway Fund


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